Uncovering Hidden Art

I was a fan of White Collar (USA) and The Catch (ABC), so this recent article (A Massive 17th-Century Painting Was Hiding in the Walls of an Oscar de la Renta Boutique) captured my attention. 

I’m sure there is a great story behind why this painting was originally hidden. Was it being hidden from German soldiers during WWII, from a son to hide his father’s secret fortune or possible from the world by a talented painter who never had her or his work recognized? Did the painting hold a secret message or reveal information meant for one specific person?

There is also the story behind how the painting was hidden and went undiscovered for so long. According to the article, the painting was attached to the wall with layers of gauze and glue. Was the original painting just painted over or were walls put in place over it? Did someone discover the painting and it’s message and hide it so no one else would learn the secret? Would someone have found the painting not recognized it’s value or didn’t like the painting and just covered it up?

So many possible whos, whys and hows?

I am also fascinated by the science and technology used to uncover and restore paintings, using X-ray technology to study a painting or lasers and glue-eating bacteria.

Who wants to talk more about how you can use this idea in your current or next story? 

[Credit: Openclipart]

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