Aging Wine Two Years in Three Days

This recent article (Ultrasound Ages Liquor Two Years in Just Three Days) has science based on research, a great real-world application and fantastic visuals. The researchers created a “river” of brandy that flowed over a bed of oak chips while ultrasound waves bombarded the scene. How did the ultrasound waves age the brandy? The waves created bubbles in the oak chips and when the bubbles burst, this released these flavors into the liquor.

I could see this playing out in a story in multiples ways. For example, the new distiller in town is selling expensive aged brandy but no one can figure out where her or his supply comes from until a suspicious rival breaks into the the basement revealing how it is done.


A distiller has run out of brandy four days before the prestigious brandy competition that could save their family business? She or he needs to come up with a way to age her or his brandy quickly.

Who wants to talk more about how you can use this in your current or next story?

[Credit: Flickr/sayo ts]

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