Can You Blame Mr. Wrong on Your Birth Control?

As more proof that an idea can come from anywhere. I heard a commercial about this story (Can birth control make women choose the wrong partner?) on the radio.

I did some more digging about this topic and found this article (Does Birth Control Affect Your Mood? The Hormones Can Mess With Your Mind, Study Says). One of the experts interviewed for the article explained that birth control decreases the hormone progesterone to prevent a woman from ovulating but progesterone is considered a “happy” hormone. So, the less progesterone a woman has, the more likely she may feel depressed or anxious.

I thought this article was a great idea to play around with for a story. Are you listening to your heart or hormones?

What if a woman taking birth control pills end up sabotaging a great relationship because the pills are making her feel more anxious (Is he cheating?) or depressed?


Could a woman sue the company that manufacturers her birth control pills because she believes that the pills caused her to choose Mr. Wrong?

Who wants to talk more about how you can use this idea in your current or next story?

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