Neuroscientists Predict Your Answer 11 Seconds Before You Answer the Question

Here is an example of science fact that sounds like it came straight from science fiction. This recent article (Neuroscientists Can Predict Decisions 11 Seconds Before We Make Them), explains how neuroscientists were able to predict which image a participant would choose before the participant choose an image.

According to the article, “Fourteen study participants were each placed in an fMRI machine and shown two distinct patterns, one with red horizontal stripes and one with green vertical stripes. They were given up to 20 seconds to decide between one or the other, after which they pressed a button to indicate their choice and were told to imagine it as vividly as they could. By monitoring brain activity during the selection process, the researchers were able to see signs indicating which image a person would select in four distinct areas of the brain. Watching for these signs, researchers could predict a person’s choice up to 11 seconds before the choice was made.”

This idea could be used in a variety of ways in a story.

An employer could use it to test the loyalty of his or her employees.


A detective could use this technology on a suspect that he or she fears could be at risk of committing a crime.


What about a helicopter parent that wants to ensure that his or her son or daughter is making good choices?


Maybe the test is being used by a cult leader to keep his or her lovers in line?

Who wants to talk more about how you can use this idea in your current or next story?

[Credit: and affen ajlfe]
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