Woman With a Double Uterus Gives Birth Twice in One Month

This recent article (Woman With Double Uterus Gives Birth Twice in a Month) reminds me that sometimes truth is stranger and even more interesting that fiction.

According to the article, Arifa Sultana (A 20-year old woman from Bangladesh) had her first baby boy in late February. It was a completely normal delivery but a few weeks later, Sultana had some lower abdominal pain. When her gynecologist performed an ultrasound and discovered that Sultana was carrying twins in her second uterus. Sultana had no idea she had a double uterus and definitely no idea that she was pregnant…with twins! Twenty-six days after her boy, Sultana delivered her twins via C-section.

It is already overwhelming to bring home your first newborn baby. I can’t image bringing home newborn twins on top of that!

After doing some more research, it appears that women with a double uterus can be at a higher risk of miscarriages. The fact that Sultana was able to get pregnant in each uterus (within a month), is extremely rare.

This idea made me think about if there is a chance that a woman with a double uterus could become pregnant in each uterus to two different men? According to the research that I found, ” You can’t get pregnant in a second uterus when you are already pregnant in the first. The body would not support ovulation (the release of a mature, ready-to-be-fertilized egg from the ovary) when a pregnancy has already begun.” This also makes Sultana’s case even more extraordinary.

Who wants to talk more about how you can use this idea in your current or next story?

[Credit: flickr/We The Happy People]
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