The Power of Infotainment

Now, more than ever, I am reminded of the power that the entertainment industry has to informally educate the public and get them talking about issues that we might not ordinarily talk about. Writers can evoke an emotional and physical response from their audience.

Recently, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) aired “Silent All These Years” Season 15 Episode 19 written by Elizabeth R. Finch took on the topic of sexual assault head on and gave it the most powerful headbutt that I have ever seen!

The writing was filled with emotion, sensitivity and facts. I applaud medical science shows like Grey’s Anatomy that provide an opportunity every week to bring awareness, informally educate and to potentially change lives.

There have been some great articles online about the episode. My favorite one explains the women that lined the halls of the hospital to support Abby going into surgery.

The women in that hallway are almost all the women on the writing staff. Many of the women are on the crew, or they are assistants at Shondaland, or they are women who work at ABC. I think there were more than 100 women,” said Krista Vernoff, Grey’s Anatomy showrunner.

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Hollywood Health and Society often does impact studies to learn more about, “How do TV health storylines affect us?” Here is a link to their past studies.

[Credit: flickr/thomas.springer]
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