A Picture Plus AI Equals a Fake Video

Fake photos are everywhere online but according to a recent article (Researchers can now use AI [artificial intelligence] and a photo to make fake videos of anyone), it looks like it is possible to create realistic-looking fake videos with just a picture of someone.

This idea was featured in a recent episode of The Fix (ABC) in the episode titled, “Scandal” season 1 episode 4 where a fake video is leaked to the media that was made from home videos and images. The video convincingly looked like two of the main characters spent a night together.

According to the article, you would need an image and the AI technology to pull this off but your character can get their hands on that, right?

The idea of a fake video can create all kinds of possibilities.

An incriminating video is released during an election campaign that a candidate has to prove is fake.


A computer genius creates fake videos for fun until the local police see one of the videos as evidence of a crime and now the kid is in real trouble.


A psycho scorned lover wants to get back at her/his ex and creates a fake a video to hurt them.

Who wants to talk more about how you can use this idea in your current or next story?

[Credit: flickr/Resto VanHarte Zwolle]
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