Drone-Delivered Organs for Transplant

Forget the snowstorm or traffic gridlock that usually creates the obstacle in a story about transporting an organ from its donor to its recipient in time for life-saving surgery, this recent article (University of Maryland Medical Center received the First Drone-Delivered Organ Used for Transplant) showed me how technology can definitely change the story.

This article had me brainstorming a myriad of possibilities for situations where drone delivery could be used and be useful for all kinds of things.

A secret drop off of supplies to a couple of spies hiding out in the middle of the wilderness.


A “secret admirer” gift delivery that could be romantic or creepy depending on the gift and if the receiver can figure out who sent it.


Mom or dad sending snacks up to the kid’s playhouse.


A smart drone that chooses its target for delivery.

Who wants to talk more about how you can use this idea in your current or next story?

[Credit: Photo courtesy of University of Maryland School of Medicine]
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