Fish Tank Fire Extinguisher

This article (Fish Tank Douse Fire at Shopping Plaza) is a true story that can help save the day and add some comic relief.

An electrical fire ignited at the Szechuan East restaurant overnight but luckily, it was near the 80-gallon fish tank. Firefighters think that the heat from the fire melted the glass causing the tank to rupture and the water put out the fire.

The fire department wasn’t even alerted to the fire until the next morning when neighboring businesses smelled smoke in their ventilation systems. The firefighters said the fire was out and there was only smoke and water damage. Unfortunately, none of the koi from the tank survived.

This idea could be used just like it was in this story, to put out a fire. Or, you can use this idea as a springboard for other ideas. What other items in your house, apartment or business that could be used to create or stop a dangerous situation or to prevent or create an opportunity for a crime?

Who wants to talk more about how you can use this idea in your current or next story?

[Credit: flickr/Nate Steiner]
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