Sunglasses That Block Every Screen

This recent article (These Magical Sunglasses Block All the Screens Around You) made me think about different ways screens can be used in a story and how tech like this could be used in your story depending on if you want to reveal or hide screens.

An engineer/entreprenure read an article about Steelcase‘s screen-blocking film and used it in a pair of cheap sunglasses to see if it would block out the Times Square barrage of unwanted screen stimuli. It did. Everything was visible but the screens were black.

I could see this idea being used in a room like I keep thinking of TV shows like The Catch (ABC), Lie to Me (Fox), and Three Rivers (CBS) where the main characters are all in a glass room discussing secret or private medical information. Everyone can see inside the room but the screens revealing any information would be blacked out.


The criminals need information from the expert but they don’t want to reveal their plans. The tie him up and force him to wear these glasses, so he can see what is going one but not the secret plan.


What if we flipped this idea completely and the glasses made “secure” screens visible. Everyone thinks their information is secure but as the criminal wanders through the maze of cubicles, he can see everything!

Who wants to talk more about how you can use this idea in your current or next story?

[Credit: flickr/paul.wasneski]
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