Was That a Gunshot or Firework?

I think articles like this one (Fireworks Vs Gunshots can you tell the difference?) are great because how many times have you heard a noise and wondered, “What is that?”

The video embedded in the article actually shows a demonstration of gunshots and fireworks. It is easy to hear how one could be confused for another.

The article also brought up an interesting point that people were calling 911 more often around the Fourth of July. This gave me some ideas to explore in a story.

What if 911 operators are being bombarded on the Fourth of July to misdirect emergency crews elsewhere during a terrorist attack?


What about the neighbor who always calls 911 for everything and this time she or he really does hear something and now that person is in real danger.


A kidnapper is torturing her or his victim by making them think she or he is going to shoot them but the kidnapper uses fireworks instead.


I’ve heard about forensic acoustics experts that will analyze a 911 recording to piece together information from a shooting. I think this could be an interesting character to explore in a story.

Who wants to talk more about how you can use this idea in your current or next story?

[Credit: flickr/Emilio Kuffer]
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