Are Those Human Fingerprints?

This week’s blog came from a line that I heard on a recent episode of A Million Little Things (ABC) titled, “The Perfect Storm,” during season 2 episode 4 written by D.J. Nash, Julia Cohen, Ashley Sims and Chris Erric Maddox. The line was about how koala bears have finger prints like humans. How have I never heard of this before??? I had to learn more.

So, I dug out this old article, Koalas Have Human-Like Fingerprints. The article mentions the first idea that I thought of which was that a crime scene in a koala enclosure (a place full of people and koala bear fingerprints) would be a forensic investigator’s worst nightmare.

What if a zookeeper was lifting koala fingerprints from the glass walls of the enclosure in order to create a set of rubber gloves that would leave behind koala bear fingerprints stumping investigators at a crime scene?


What if a seemingly innocent zoo intern was lifting koala prints as part of an elaborate scheme?


What if the intern was being blackmailed or forced to lift and preserve the koala prints to save his significant other or parents.


What if there is a rash of robberies but investigators are coming up with nothing. Until the investigator takes their kids to zoo and learns that the koala bears could hold the key to the investigation.

Who wants to talk more about how you can use this idea in your current or next story?

[Credit: flickr/Internet Archive Book Images]
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