Do You Know What Tech Your Stalker is Using?

Sometimes the scariest stories are the ones where I read what the victim did and I think, “I do that.” or “I have done that.” All of a sudden, I feel extremely vulnerable. I saw online that season 2 of You (Netflix) will be released on Dec 26, 2019 so, I was already thinking about the ways Joe was using tech in season 1 to stalk Gwen when I saw this recent article (A woman’s stalker used an app that allowed him to stop, start and track her car).

According to the article, the stalker paid a monthly fee for spyware that he used to track the woman’s phone. Since he was with the woman when she purchased her car, he had access to her car’s registration information which made it easy for him installed an app for her car that gave him access to track her car and start it remotely.

As technology gets smarter, so does anyone who wants to use the technology for criminal activities.

This definitely made me think about the advantages and vulnerabilities of these technologies.

What about a dad who becomes obsessed with one of his daughter’s friends and begins to stalk her. What if he worker for a car dealership? He would be able to control her car remotely so the victim had to keep contacting him for “help.”


Maybe the guy has no idea who his stalker is but it must be someone he knows. Someone who is tech savvy and has access to his phone, computer and car. Maybe the stalker is girl or guy.


Maybe the stalker works for a security company. She seems very professional by day but at night she goes home to a wall of flat screens showing every move of her clients. What if she takes a special liking to one of them?


Maybe the story is completely from the victim’s perspective. Their brand new car is acting weird. Events on their calendar disappear, random alarms go off at all hours that the victim didn’t set. The victim feels like someone has been in their house/apartment.

Who wants to talk more about how you can use this idea in your current or next story?


[Credit: flickr/Matthew P]
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