Could Lying Cause You to Reveal a Very Public Tell Like Puking?

This week’s blog comes from an article about the film Knives Out (Could Lying Really Make You Puke, Like in Knives Out?). This make me think about the mind body connection and also about people who are trained to spot liars.

According to the article, whenever one of the suspects lies, she pukes. Like the writer, I was curious about if there was an actual medical condition or not. The gastroenterologist consulted for the article said that he had never heard of a case but did say that an emotional trigger (like being upset about having to lie) could be a plausible explanation. The stomach “talks” to the brain and brain “talks” to the stomach and emotions can interfere with those messages and cause havoc on someone’s digestive system.

I could also see how something like this is a story could make the investigation more difficult. The parents don’t want the investigators to interrogate their daughter because she is sick.


What if a spouse knows that their significant other can’t tell a lie and figures out the truth before the investigators do?


What if items are stolen and the police suspect students from the local high school but the entire senior class is out sick with the “stomach flu.”


What if that one person who seems so innocent seems to suddenly be struck down by an awful stomach virus that won’t seem to go away and only gets worse as the investigation intensifies?

Who wants to talk more about how you can use this idea in your current or next story?

[Credit: flickr/Daniel Lobo]
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