Who is Hacking the Cameras Inside Your Home?

This recent article is truly disturbing (She installed a Ring camera in her children’s room for ‘peace of mind.’ A hacker accessed it and harassed her 8-year-old daughter.).

A hacker took advantage of the Ring camera’s two-way talk function and used it to bully and torment a child.

“When Alyssa LeMay heard the strange music and sounds coming from her bedroom, she walked in expecting to find one of her sisters. But the room was empty.

Then, as the 8-year-old wandered around her room alone, the mysterious song abruptly stopped.

‘Hello there,’ a man’s voice said.

It wasn’t Alyssa’s father, who was elsewhere inside the family’s Mississippi home. The voice belonged to a stranger. And not only could the faceless man speak to the young girl — he could see her.”

This idea has all kinds of creepy applications for a crime/thriller/horror story.

What if the hacker is a registered (or unregistered) sex offender who is grooming the child.


This could be used by a stalker to spy on their victim like in You (Netflix).


How does a detective or investigator go about finding the hacker? What would it take to find the person who has invaded your home and spied on your family and harassed your children?


Maybe this is from the hacker’s perspective. How many systems could a hacker tap into? It could be an updated version of Sliver (1993).


Maybe the hacker intrudes on the wrong house and the victim turns the tables on the hacker and is able to follow their digital breadcrumb trail to get justice.


What if it is a family member that has been hiding deviant behavior and once they install the camera, their criminal behavior is revealed.

Who wants to talk more about how you can use this idea in your current or next story?

[Credit: flickr/Prefeitura de Pelotas]
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