Making Yourself Invisible to Security Cameras

I’ve seen examples on TV shows where a criminal is skilled at shielding their face or positioning themselves in a security camera’s blind spot but what if you didn’t need to go through all of that? This recent article, (Some shirts hide you from cameras—but will anyone wear them?), explains the latest technology to make you invisible to cameras.

Ultimately, it is easier to hide your face from a computer than from another person. People can recognize faces even if certain features are covered up or the light and shadows on a person’s face change.

Facial recognition systems used in China, for example, have been trained to identify people who are wearing medical masks while trying to prevent the spread of COVID-19 or other illnesses.”

The article also highlighted some other ideas. Did you know that makeup and styling your hair a certain way can also be effective in making you “invisible” to facial recognition systems? (I need to learn more about this!)

The idea of using the “ugly shirt” to render oneself invisible to cameras has been a part of science fiction for a decade or more. But today, there are indeed computer scientists and artists working to make invisibility as simple as a shirt or a scarf… in theory, at least.”

For example, designer Kate Bertash created her Adversarial Fashion product line. The prints are specifically designed to mess with automatic license plate readers (ALPR) that take images from the front and back of everyone’s cars all over the country.

What if a computer scientist offers to help their crush who is a fashion designer with an idea to boost/save both of their careers?


What if a criminal creates a series of “invisible” technologies and uses them to commit various crimes. Then, decides to sell them for a profit, giving anyone with enough money the chance to be “invisible.”


What if a private investigator has access to invisible technology for a case but decides to test the tech at home first and learns all kinds of things that are going on at home that they were unaware of.


Police hire a computer scientist and physicist to figure out a way to catch a criminal who seems to disappear right before the security cameras can catch them.


What if an investigator becomes invisible for a night and learns everything they need to infiltrates a large crime ring?

Who wants to talk more about how you can use this idea in your current or next story?

[Credit: flickr/Carlos ZGZ]

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