Avoiding Work by Kidnapping Yourself

Everyone has had a bad day at work and there have been days when I seriously considered calling in sick with an “emergency.” What would be your excuse? This recent article (Arizona Man Is Accused of Faking Own Kidnapping to Evade Work) took planning an elaborate “sick” day to a whole new level.

Brian Soules faked his own kidnapping.

“When the police arrived, they found the man with his hands bound behind his back by a belt and a bandanna ‘stuffed in his mouth’.”

Once the police questioned Soules, they found some major plot holes in his story and soon Soules confessed that he made the whole story up.

Seriously, I wonder what kind of an advantage being “kidnapped” gave him over just taking a personal/sick day? Did he think he was going to have more sympathy and be able to take more time off?

I can see how this idea could be spun for a drama or a comedy.

There was an old TV movie, Abduction of Innocence (1996) about a teen who stages her own kidnapping with the help of her boyfriend to extort money from her parents.


A bride or groom with cold feet fakes a kidnapping to avoid getting married.


A spouse fakes a kidnapping to avoid a divorce and to convince their significant other to stay together.


A neighbor “kidnaps” a neighborhood kid to get Child Protective Services to take a look at how the kid is being cared for.


Someone fakes being kidnapped to get out of spending the holidays with their significant other’s family.

Are you looking for someone to bounce ideas off of or are you already working on a script and want to know how to make your story stand out compared to all the other ones? Contact me below.

[Credit: Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash]
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